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High level analysis of any foster care system runs the risk of overlooking the nuances of a child's story. This project takes a granular look at those navigating the Washington State foster system with the help of Olive Crest, a non-profit that works with children, biological parents, and foster parents. This series looks at the demographics of these groups, helping us understand that this system is complicated, dynamic, and rich with diversity. 

These pieces were displayed at Olive Crest's annual fundraising gala, where guests had the opportunity to not only view these in a gallery setting, but purchase a print in full support of Olive Crest.

Foster Children



These data points only begin to capture the diversity and individualism of Olive Crest foster children. We strive to appreciate and recognize a child’s unique experiences and how their circumstances impact their needs. 


Although foster children come from varied backgrounds, we always focus on providing stable and supportive home environments that are well suited to each child.

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Biological parents


Olive Crest provides biological parents every opportunity possible as they work toward reunification. 


There can be no doubt that these parents are a fundamental part of a child’s life and identity. Regardless of the circumstances that led to their child’s foster care, biological parents often represent the best future for their children. 

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Foster parents



Although the majority of foster children in Olive Crest care are reunified with their biological parents, many stay in contact with their foster parents. 


We honor foster families for providing their continued support and value the transformative impact they have on the children we serve.

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